We welcome you and your children to our church.

It is the goal of Bedford First Assembly to provide a safe, comfortable and nurturing environment for your child. We also want you to feel secure about your child’s well being while you attend services and activities here.

We feel that we accomplish this goal in two ways.

  • We provide you, the parent, with the information you need to know about our nursery program: how it is run, the rules that we have implemented to ensure a safe environment, and contact information you may use to have your questions answered.

  • We provide your child with an environment that is safe for them. Your child is safe to explore the room – it is properly childproofed. The room will also be properly staffed to ensure that there is always enough individual attention paid to your son or daughter.

If you have any questions please call the church office at 812-275-4280.

Thank you!

Dalene Gilstrap- Nursery Scheduler
Heather Terry - Children’s Director

Age of Care
Infants to age three are accepted for care in the nursery. Sunday Morning, Preschool is available for those who are potty trained and three years of age and older.

For safety reasons, do not allow children above nursery age to enter the nursery rooms at any time. If you see older children in the nursery at any time, please ask them to leave or notify appropriate Nursery or Children’s Director. The only exception would be a nursery volunteer working to ready the room.
Older children do not always understand the care and maintenance of a room for small children and infants. They can leave small objects that could be choking hazards, unplug safety devices, etc.

Nursery Availability
The nursery will begin accepting children 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the service. Please pick up your children as soon as the service concludes. Many of our nursery workers also have young children they must pick up from Kidz Church.

Drop Off and Pick Up
Children should be handed over the counter, we will deliver your child to the appropriate class. Parents, we ask that you please refrain from going into the classroom; it is very disruptive to the other children.
There will be a child sign-in sheet at the nursery check in counter. If this is your first time using the nursery, you must register your child by filling out our Registration Form.
In addition to you and your child’s name, please list any food allergies or other special attention your child may require.
Nursery staff requests that only one parent drop off or pick up the child. This will help keep the area clear and avoid congestion and/or confusion.

It is common for children in the nursery to suffer from separation anxiety. Please tell your child “good-bye” when leaving him or her in our care. It is common for children to cry when you leave. Normally, the children will calm down in just a few minutes. If your child continues to be upset for 15 minutes (or sooner by parent’s request) with no sign of calming down, we will display your child's number requesting you to come to the nursery.

Food allergies are one of our top concerns. If your child has food allergies, please make note of that on the sign in sheet. For the safety of your child, we also ask that you specifically tell one of the nursery staff that your child has food allergies so that all nursery staff will be aware.

Nursery Staffing
The goal of Bedford First Nursery is to offer quality care for your child. We will always have a minimum of two nursery workers on duty.

Essentials Bags
Essentials bags (diapers, clothing, etc.) need to be clearly labeled with the name of the parent or child. All the items in the bag should also be clearly labeled with the name or initials of your child. If you have any special items that your child may need, please point them out to the nursery staff.

Your essentials bag may need to contain the following items:
A. All items required for a change(diaper,creams,ointments,salves,wipes, etc.)
  • Extra diaper(s)

  • Bottle or cup as needed

  • Pacifier(clip on type is preferred) or other item your child may find comforting

  • Change of clothes.

Please do not bring toys, books, candy, gum or other personal items. Nursery staff will not give any of these items to your child if they are in the essentials bag.

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